Marriage – Missing The Point

The royal wedding this weekend was spectacular. Most pleasing was the large amounts of praises, references and petitions to God in the ceremony. Even though the couple is completely secular you could see the Christian heritage.

There was however a disturbing theme, mostly promoted by the commentators.

They basically said that while Charles and Dianna’s marriage was a foolish affair, this one was much more sensible because William and Kate have been living together for years, so their relationship is serious. The fact they’re not virgins is touted as a very good and wise thing.

Aren’t We Missing The Point A Bit?

I was at a secular wedding where I overhead people saying the marriage there was a meaningful one because the couple had lived together for years. It supposedly wasn’t silly like when people get married without a long history of immorality first.

In a culture where the majority of marriages will end in a divorce the world thinks it’s much better to put marriage off… till it becomes almost pointless and a mockery of itself. What would have been scandalous in the past is touted as wisdom – worldly wisdom.

Of course as Christians we stand against such thinking.

For Christian Young People

As Christian young people we need to have a serious and high view of marriage. We need a plan for how we’re going to get there and Biblical understanding of what it’s about.

There is of course much written for us on how to get there via courtship or dating. I just take a bit of an issue with the angle it’s usually approached from.

Your average talk or book on courtship tends to say… So you’ve got a crush or you like this girl or you want a relationship, what’s the next step? Well you need to intentionally pursue marriage… and so on.

I can see why they often start from that viewpoint. That’s where the motivation usually starts.

However I think we can do better if we start by focusing on the end.

We can start by saying lets understand what God wants from marriage; it’s a high goal for us, it’s from God. And then we take that end goal and say how do we get there in a God glorifying way?

I suppose the difference could be subtle. But I think it will make a big difference to what we do. Instead of being primarily about getting what we want, it’s going to be primarily about what God wants. That’s always a good thing.

I challenge us to approach relationships from the point of having a God honouring marriage. As always we want to try and see things how He sees them.

8 thoughts on “Marriage – Missing The Point”

  1. Such a important topic, but one that is often overlooked due to the world’s small sightedness. Thanks for the post Luke, it’s amazing what you find when you narrow things down.

  2. Thanks, Luke! I totally agree. Great thoughts as usual. I was so happy that she was wearing a “somewhat” modest dress and then I found out that long sleeves and shoulder covers are required in the Westminster Abby. Bubble burst,Ha.

  3. Thanks for the encouragement, people! 🙂

    Planning to go a lot deeper on this subject.

    I know what you mean, Auntie Dawn. Kate doesn’t strike me as someone with a particular concern for modesty.

  4. Where’s the like button? That’s right Luke. Good post! Auntie Dawn, let’s just hope that this improvement in modesty is adopted by more of the ‘commoners’ around the world!

  5. ‘Take that end goal and say, how do we get there in a God glorifying way?’ Love this quote Luke- such a beautiful focus. Well said, thou good and faithful servant!

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