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Disregard Previous Advice

It’s come to my attention I may not have the perfect view of theology. ;o)

You know how we often ask each other what has God been showing you lately?

Well to sum up the main point from my last year or so, the answer would be: to stop being so hard headed!

I knew I was wrong about some of my beliefs. (Chances that I had the perfect view of theology were pretty slim! And there was always plenty that plain confused me.) But I didn’t have much time for people who varied very far from my view point.

God used someone else’s error to show me mine. When I got upset with someone else being divisive I realised how restrictive my view of Christianity was.

Regulations v. Treasures

I used to wish that the Bible was an instruction manual/rule book. Then we wouldn’t be confused about anything, we wouldn’t debate different viewpoints, and we wouldn’t have to wrestle with it.

While it would make life simple, it obviously wasn’t the best for us. God could have written the Bible any way He wanted. And He wanted it just how it is. Detailed and nuanced and sometimes confusing. But also deep and rich and full of treasure that we would need the Holy Spirit to understand.

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Answering The Face Of Disaster


Wave heights from the Japan tsunami.

The world is pretty shaken up right now. We had the quake here in New Zealand last month and now this massive earthquake and tsunami in Japan, with the threat on nuclear meltdown.

As Christians who are serious about the Bible, we know God is in control. When bad things happen, we know they are still inside of His plans.

We also know that while these tragedies and the loss of material things seems earth shattering, there is a much bigger problem… living in sin against God. While this seems like a lot of suffering, it’s much worse to be in rebellion against God.

How Do You Answer?

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