Forever Is A Long Time

At the Impact Bible Conference.

I’m so deeply blessed.

Last weekend was the Impact Bible conference. The theme was eternity. It was great to get the focus off all our short term goals and think about the real stuff… God’s Kingdom and glorifying Him forever.

A Trip To Hell

One sermon was called A Trip To Hell, and it was horrifying. It was preached with you imagining that you died and found out you’d been deceived, that you weren’t actually saved. The description was vivid and shocking. Hell fire burning you, and then going before the throne of judgement, and then being cast screaming into the lake of fire… FOREVER.

It made me think you would do absolutely anything to not go to hell. Of course there is nothing you can do. Only the blood of Jesus can stop you spending forever in that place.

Heaven an Unspeakable Reward

Then there was a message titled Heaven an Unspeakable Reward, which was off the other end of the scale. We know we don’t deserve any good, or anything, from the Saviour. But the reward that we will get is so far beyond what you could possibly even imagine we should get, even if we were perfect little angels!

“The sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.” (Romans 8:18)

We will spend forever doing the greatest thing you could imagine… being with Jesus. (Plus all the glorified saints, too!)


Eating at Impact!

There were dozens of things that really impacted me, to do with eternity, plus the discipleship seminars I went to. However, the biggest takeaway for me was to simply be more pleasing to God.

It’s an obvious thing, but a crucial one. It’s easy for it to drift out of focus. I was especially convicted to have pleasing God as my number one priority, all the time. When no one else knows, when I don’t feel like it, when it seems to get in the way of (silly) short term goals.

Bible study and stuff like that can easily become routine. I was reminded how it’s so much more. It’s treasure in heaven. It’s for the One I care most about.

The Impact messages will be available for free download in a few days. I highly recommend them!

Photos by Dale Thorne.

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  1. Ok so I’m a little jealous. I haven’t been to a bible conference in years. Sounds like an awesome time.

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