Who it’s for…

This site is for young people who are serious about the Word of God.

People who love their Saviour, Jesus Christ.

People who realise they need to stand apart from the world.

Instead of living for pleasure they want to live to glorify God.

Instead of being popular they want to be like Christ.

Young people whose joy comes from knowing God.

What it’s about…

It’s about being serious about serving the Lord… and particularly about maturing into adults who will serve the Lord all our lives. We’ll focus on these areas:

The Walk

Encouragement to live for the Lord.

Our worldview defines how we understand the world and how we act in it. We need a worldview that comes solely from Scripture.

Courtship & Marriage
Relationships are so very often the major downfall of young people. We want to have God honouring courtships and prepare for marriages that will glorify God.

Men & Women
Despite what the world says, men and women have different God given roles. We want to meet His expectations for us.

Resources & Media
Sermon, podcast, book, movie and website reviews and recommendations. (Outside of Scripture no resource is perfect, so a recommendation does mean an endorsement of every idea that resource contains.)

How it will be done…

The aim is to address every issue from an entirely Biblical standpoint.

We will always begin with the belief that the Bible is perfect, inspired and sufficient. Sola Scriptura!

I hope through the comments we can have some great discussions on these topics. I also hope to have others contribute posts.

About Me

I’m Luke Foster, a 27 year old Kiwi living in Tauranga, New Zealand. I work as an internet marketing consultant.

I was saved by the grace of God when I was five. My parents have raised me in the Word all my life. I was baptised when I was eleven. In the last few years I have come to believe in the total sovereignty of God.

Standing for the truth and not being afraid to say what I believe comes easily to me. Being gentle, showing mercy and being gracious are what I struggle at.

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Encouraging Christian young people to get serious about serving the Lord.